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NATO Split on Afghanistan:
`The Name of the Game Is Chaos'

Feb. 7, 2008 (EIRNS)—When the NATO Ministers meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania today refused to deploy a single additional European soldier to Afghanistan, "the end of NATO" was in sight, as made clear by Jeff Steinberg of EIR in a Feb. 4 analysis.

An intense, British-instigated drive to demand more European and U.S. troops be sent to the southern Afghanistan zone of heavy fighting—on a failing mission in which British special forces operatives have been caught red-handed "training" and negotiating with the Taliban enemy—is splitting NATO apart, and the United States, too. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in Kabul today along with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, demanding a substantial increase in NATO troops in what's being called a "new surge," while at the same time Joint Chiefs of Staff head Admiral Michael Mullen told the Senate Armed Services Committee that this could not be done due to the exhaustion of U.S. military forces in Iraq. In Canada, the Conservative government may fall over the sudden insistence of Prime Minister John Harper that Canada increase its troops and extend its Afghan mission indefinitely past its January 2009 endpoint.

American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche warned today, "Remember, in this financial crash, the name of the British imperial endgame is 'chaos'—just as it was for imperial Rome nearing collapse. They have, for example, a current intention in this region, to break up Pakistan. They know this means chaos and destabilization in Afghanistan—the Taliban are connected in both places. This, to the British gamemasters, is victory! As for NATO, they know NATO is doomed. They don't care about breaking up NATO. The game they're playing is the breakup of civilization as we know it."

No less than five reports of prestigious "councils" have appeared in the past week, urging that NATO must immediately pour more troops into Afghanistan, or become irrelevant; and demanding that Afghan president Karzai knuckle under to a UN High Commissioner to run the country. And the expected "Afghan Surge" report of the neo-Con American Enterprise Institute, authors of the "surge" policy in Iraq, has yet to appear with its expected demand for 12,000 additional American soldiers. These are impossibilities; but the objective of these demands is—chaos.