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Bloomberg Jacks Up NYC Tolls and Fares

Feb. 29, 2008 (EIRNS)—New York Mayor Michael "Benito" Bloomberg could not wait for his congestion pricing to be rammed into law, so he has arranged for massive increases in tolls and transit fares, all to hit within the coming days. The bridges between New York and New Jersey will go up 33%, from $6 to $8 per trip, while the interborough bridges will rise by 50 cents. Subway single fares will stay at $2, but passes will go up by about 6%. Path trains to New Jersey will rise 16%, while the Long Island and Metro-North Railroad go up 7.7%.

Then they'll add the "congestion tax."

As with all of fascist Bloomberg's looting, the line has gone out that the new revenue will be used for "expansions and improvements," which will never materialize.