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2,500 Miles of Gore's Ethanol
Pipelines—To Starve People

Feb. 28, 2008 (EIRNS)—Major announcements were made this month to build two ethanol pipelines: one in the USA, going 1,700 miles from Iowa to New York Harbor, with inland regional distribution points at Cleveland/Akron, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia; and the other in Brazil, going 800 miles from the inland state of Goias, through Minas Gerais, to the port at Paulinia/São Paulo. Ethanol is corrosive to existing pipelines; the specialty steel in the new dedicated lines would be resistant. In effect, the new projects would institutionalize food shortages. Both projects are associated with major financial players—hidden and public—behind globalization and the biofuels push, now devastating the food supply. Already, 12% of the world's corn crop goes for ethanol. Big beneficiaries of the Brazil pipeline include Cargill, George Soros and Bill Gates—all part of the cane ethanol drive. This week a partnership was announced to build the pipeline—Petrobras, Mitsui & Co., the Japanese commodity cartel, and Camargo Correa S.A. of São Paulo.

On Feb. 19, two of the world's biggest petro products companies (terminals, blending stations, pipelines) issued a statement on their plans for the U.S. pipeline: Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Magellan Mindstream Partners, and Pennsylvania-based Buckeye Partners. The pipeline would gather ethanol from Iowa, Illlinois, Minnesota and South Dakota, to ship to the Northeast states, and abroad.