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Imperial `Lisbon Treaty' Blocked at Level of Germany's State Governments

March 5, 2008 (EIRNS)—Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, on which BueSo President Helga Zepp-LaRouche has declared war, as a destruction of national sovereignty by fascist rule of the "Imperial EU," has come to a halt in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet wanted to discuss and pass a proposal for legislation today, which would, if also passed by the national parliament in the next few weeks, pave the way for rapid ratification by no later than May 23. This was a symbolic date, chosen because it is Germany's Constitution Day.

However, the original cabinet agenda had to be changed, as the 16 state governments of Germany outrightly reject the procedure, in a conflict with the Merkel government over its unwillingness to fulfill promises made to the states after the failed first attempt to get a European Constitution through in 2005. Without the 16 state governments, the upper house of the parliament, there is no ratification of "Lisbon."

Furthermore, this deadlock is expected to prevent President Horst Koehler from signing any parliamentary ratification, which likely will have to be postponed into June, and maybe will not be put back on the agenda before the Summer recess.

German news media were broadly covering the important turn in the situation, this morning.