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Colombia: South America Crisis Requires Breaking Chávez-FARC Alliance

March 6, 2008 (EIRNS)—"We have a bomb about to explode, and what we have to do is deactivate that bomb, which is the clear support of President Hugo Chávez for the FARC, and the presence of the FARC in Ecuador," Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos told various European wire services today.

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American had passed a resolution the day before, condemning any military strike by one member country into the territory of another, as a violation of the OAS Charter, and mandating the creation of an OAS commission to examine what happened on March 1, and report back to a Foreign Ministers meeting of the OAS on March 17.

Santos said that Colombia understands that there is a very clear position vis-à-vis Colombia's March 1 raid against a FARC camp inside Ecuador, but the Ibero-American countries must not only look at the incident itself, but at the basic problem, "which is the presence of camps of the FARC guerrillas on Ecuadorian and Venezuelan territory.... The root cause of the problem is an alliance to destablize Colombia, creating the basis to destabilize other countries."

No person of the FARC has any type of protection anywhere, he added, but any confrontation with Venezuela or Ecuador would be "crazy." Colombia is not going to move one soldier to its borders, nor fall into any military provocation.

As Lyndon LaRouche has been hammering, the survival of the Ibero-American nations requires they face up to the reality that the FARC is a British intelligence operation, being used to break up the critically-needed Bank of the South integration project. The FARC is a criminal drug-trafficking organization, which has no legitimacy, but certainly has excellent connections to the crooked and corrupt parts of international finance such as Wall Street, which is sympathetic to its cause, LaRouche emphasized again today.