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As California Crumbles,
Arnie Pushes Green Fascism

April 23, 2008 (EIRNS)—The following press release, datelined Los Angeles, was released today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

From the minute Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California, Lyndon LaRouche warned that the state would become a laboratory for implementing the corporatist/fascist schemes of London's leading U.S. fascist, George Shultz. In league with Michael "Mouse-o-lini" Bloomberg and Felix Rohatyn, Arnie is continuing to push privatization schemes for infrastructure; setting up a cabinet-level Office of Volunteerism, to recruit unemployed "volunteers" (i.e., slave laborers) to replace presently employed state workers, especially in parks; and, in collaboration with so-called environmentalist networks tied to Al Gore, he is backing a ballot referendum to mandate 40% to 50% of the state's energy production to be from "renewable" energy sources by 2020. His soul-mate Bloomberg held a special fund-raiser for him in New York City last week, to raise funds for his "ballot initiative committee," to which Bloomberg personally gave $250,000.

While Schwarzenegger is popping up everywhere, promoting so-called Green solutions — such as at a Frito-Lay plant Tuesday, to activate the largest solar thermal system in the country, and on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno Thursday, as part of NBC's "environmental week" — the state of California continues its collapse into a complete breakdown crisis. Some features of this breakdown include:

  • No budget plan yet, to deal with the additional $7 billion deficit which remains in the '08-09 budget. Reports from Sacramento last week indicate at least another $1 billion will soon be added to the deficit, as the revenue shortfall keeps growing. Schwarzenegger's only proposal is for brutal cuts, including 10% across the board for education, social services and health care.

  • Desperate school districts are bracing for massive lay-offs of custodial employees, counselors and teachers. One district is holding bake sales, another asking parents to donate $400 for each student they have in the school district, another is asking parents to volunteer to do work in the school system.

  • A dramatic increase in bank repossessions of home, notices of defaults, and drop in home values. Statewide, there were 113,676 notices of default sent out in the first quarter, compared to 81,550 in the fourth quarter of 2007. In the counties which surround the capital city of Sacramento, there were 5,278 repossessions in the first quarter, and 9,764 new notices of default, while the median home price is down 27% in Sacramento County from last March.

  • The state's official unemployment rate jumped to the third highest in the nation, at 6.2% in March. Only Michigan and Alaska have higher rates. Many rural counties have double-digit rates.

In response to this accelerating collapse, the City Council of Compton, California passed the original, LaRouche-approved version of the HBPA resolution on Tuesday night. (hcs)