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Rockefellers Midwifed Birth of Obama-mania

April 23, 2008 (EIRNS)—In 2004, a national environmentalist entity created and managed by the Rockefeller family endorsed Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator with little national reputation, in his race against other Democrats in his Democratic primary for United States senator.

The League for Conservation Voters announced they would "launch a new TV spot, titled 'Rising Star,'" which would run regularly "through Election Day in the Chicago media market." The League's press release boasted that the promotion was expensive: "the ad buy is a significant, six-figure purchase."

In the 2003-2004 campaign season (according to the Center for Public Integrity), the League also paid $297,867 to the political consulting firm of David Axelrod, which was managing Obama's campaign. Axelrod and his firm AKP Message and Media shaped Obama's political image and today manage the Obama Presidential campaign top-down.

The League of Conservation Voters was founded by Laurance S. Rockefeller and his close associates. Among the current directors of the League are Larry Rockefeller, son of Laurance (who died the year of the Obama Senate campaign); Wade Greene, counselor to the Rockefeller family; Donald K. Ross, strategist for the Rockefeller family's envirnomental and foundation activities; and Theodore Roosevelt IV, partner of Felix Rohatyn at Lehman Brothers. Roosevelt is the League's honorary chairman and a long-time leader of the group.

Historically, the Rockefeller family has been a central organizer of the financier faction which took Chicago from Lincoln nationalism and made it a center of the British fascist policy outlook (see accompanying item on David Axelrod).

The League of Conservation Voters works in tandem with the Partnership for New York City, in setting the agenda for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Partnership was founded by Laurance's brother David Rockefeller, to carry on Felix Rohatyn's policies past the 1970s period when Rohatyn ran the bankers' dictatorship called Big MAC in New York City.

League of Conservation Voters' national board member Marcia Bystryn, who is executive director of the New York State branch of the League, is also president of "PlanNYC-2030", Mayor Michael Bloomberg's eco-fascist planning initiative.

The New York Sun reported (March 25, 2007), that "Shortly after his [Bloomberg's] decisive re-election in November 2005, the League of Conservation Voters, which had endorsed him (and which has 20,000 ground troops who could come in handy should the Mayor aim for national office), started to bend his ear about framing that plan [PlanNYC-2030] in a way that emphasized improving the environment over developing it."