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Prince Philip's WWF vs. Agriculture

May 6, 2008 (EIRNS)—If you want to eat, crush Prince Philip's WWF (World Wildlife Fund)!

The WWF labels agriculture as one of the primary "environmental threats" facing the planet, and its various initiatives ("Agricultural," "Dam," "Rivers," etc.) aim at reducing the "pollution" of agriculture globally.

Nothing less could be expected from an oligarchic anti-human hitsquad founded by a British prince (Philip) lusting to be reincarnated as a virus, so as to wipe out most of the human race.

So what is the primary sin of farming? "Agriculture allowed and even encouraged population growth. With reliable food supplies and even surpluses, birth spacing could be reduced to one to two years. The fastest population growth rates presently occur in agricultural areas," the WWF protests, in its "Agricultural Initiatives."

The list of "crimes" impugned against farming is as long as they are befitting of a Jonathan Swift satire:

  • "Agriculture is the leading source of pollution in many countries...

  • "Expanding agricultural frontiers contribute to the rapid loss of forests and other habitats and their biodiversity every year.

  • Agriculture is "one of the thirstiest" of all human activities, consuming nearly 70% of the fresh water which human societies "appropriate" for their use globally, the WWF accuses. Sustaining agriculture requires "free-flowing water" to be "diverted and wasted by dams for irrigation." And irrigation, these lunatics assert, "always brings with it the problem of soil salinisation."

Our primary food grains are each labeled a threat. Wheat is the second more irrigated crop cultivated globally; irrigation projects for wheat "can cause major changes in ecological structures of landscapes such as reduced water flow or even the elimination of streams, rivers, wetlands, or marshes." Corn, too, requires large amounts of water, which is too scarce to be used by humans.

Rice is the stuff of life for most of the world, the WWF acknowledges, but they are enraged that the Green Revolution produced "new high-yield variaties [which] make more rice available at a lower cost," allowing "the population of rice consumers" to grow at a faster rate than these racists can stand.