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LaRouche Solutions in Argentine Congressional Food Debate

May 14, 2008 (EIRNS)—The following release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

The LaRouche Youth Movement intervened in the May 13 public hearing of the Chamber of Deputies' Agricultural Committee, armed with Helga Zepp-LaRouche's statement and other programmatic material, which had earlier been e-mailed to every Senator and Deputy in the Congress. The results were excellent.

Committee chairman Alberto Cantero Gutiérrez, a strong supporter of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, had called the meeting to discuss two proposals: first, his own bill, calling for the creation of the National Agricultural Promotion and Trade Control Agency (ENPCCAA), a state agency to oversee all aspects of food marketing and related activity; secondly, the bill proposed by another deputy, to create a National Grain Board, which would have similar functions.

In earlier statements, Cantero has emphasized that Argentina has the capability to feed "500 million human beings." In his speech to the committee, recorded by LYM leader Emiliano Andino, Cantero underscored the need for such a regulatory agency, which among other things should map the entire country's agricultural capabilities, and create a database to document exactly what is produced and where, and where food is stored, should it become necessary to shift out of one crop to another [from soy to food crops, for example]. These are the concrete actions that must be taken to guarantee food security for Argentina, as well as its ability to help feed the world.

Cantero, who was familiar with LaRouche, told Andino that the current strike by agricultural producers is "a coup attempt" against the government. "I lived this ... I know how it works," he said, referring to the agricultural strike activity launched in early 1976, leading up to the coup against then-President Isabel Perón.

His statements were timely, as in the next building, the opposition was holding a hearing of the Senate Agriculture Committee to hear testimony from leaders of the four agricultural organizatins that are trying to bring down the government. As the LYM described it, this was a gathering of "bats, snakes and rats" filled with "hate and conspiracy." No one could explain why Hilda Duhalde, wife of the former President who hates the Kirchenrs, showed up at this hearing, "especially since it's not cocaine exports that are subject to export taxes," Andino wrote. "Solidarity among snakes perhaps."

The LYM found widespread recognition of LaRouche, with many commenting that they had received Zepp-LaRouche's statement on destroying the WTO, had read it carefully, and always followed what LaRouche had to say. Several legislators said they would consider endorsing the statement, and will be recontacted as soon as possible.

Andino noted that his videotaping of Cantero's speech is the only record now existing, as no one even bothered to use the cameras that were set up for that purpose. "All the media were taping the British operation that was taking place in the next building."