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Obama's Advisors Push British Foreign Policy of Wars, Invasions Against Eurasia: Is That His Policy?

May 19 (EIRNS)—The following press release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Barack Obama's top foreign policy advisors are working hand-in-glove with leading neocons—and McCain advisors—on a campaign to turn world power over to the British Empire under the name of a "Concert of Democracies," or a "League of Democracies." The policy they advocate, calling for multiple new British-U.S.-led invasions of countries in Africa and Asia, is the H.G. Wellsian British imperialist policy touted by Prime Minister Tony Blair beginning with his 1999 University of Chicago speech. Is this Obama's foreign policy?

Obama foreign policy leaders Ivo Daalder of the Brookings Institution, and Anthony Lake—co-chairman with George Shultz of the Princeton Project on National Security—are leaders of the British drive to place world government in the hands of this new imperial military League. As the Lake/Shultz Princeton Project concluded in their final report, the purpose of their Concert of Democracies would be "to work within existing global institutions such as the United Nations; but in the event that those fail, to provide a framework for organizing and legitimizing international interventions, including the use of military force."

"The Next Intervention": Under this headline, Obama advisor Daalder co-authored a call for this Concert of Nations with arch-neocon Robert Kagan in the Washington Post on August 6, 2007. They were already working for Obama and McCain, respectively.

Jackson Diehl, the deputy editor of the Washington Post, wrote a column today in the Post promoting this Concert of Democracies, arguing that the "non-democracies" China and Russia have "stopped the Security Council from discussing a humanitarian intervention to rescue the 1.5 million Burmese endangered by the criminal neglect of their government following a cyclone ... blocked strong sanctions against Iran... and an attempted UN intervention in Darfur." The new President - either McCain or Obama, says Diehl, without a mention of Hillary Clinton - will be unable to use unilateral power, since it was discredited by George Bush, nor to count on the impotent UN. Diehl quotes Obama's advisor Lake: "Crisis in Iran, North Korea, Iraq and Darfur, not to mention the pressing need for more efficient peacekeeping operations, the rising temperatures of our seas, and multiple other transnational threats, demonstrate not only the limits of American unilateral power, but also the inability of international institutions designed in the middle of the 20th century to cope with problems of the 21st."

That's why McCain is backing the League of Democracies, says Diehl, and Obama's advisors agree.

This is precisely what the Russians, the Chinese and the Indians see clearly as the threat from the British Empire, wiping out the last of the FDR tradition in the United States—which is why they have determined to fight, together.

The question is: Where does Obama stand? LaRouche PAC will be seeking an official answer.