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Food Prices and Genocide:
British Agent Soros Does Mega-Takoever of Food Speculation

June 25, 2008 (EIRNS)—Megaspeculator George Soros, already one of the biggest manipulators in currency markets and in oil markets, has suddenly taken a major position in control of food commodity speculation. This is the Soros who told a Budapest newspaper June 18, "Rather than expecting energy prices to go down somehow, we should accept that it must go further up first, for us to be able to solve the [long-term] problem. Prices must go up first so as to encourage people to consume less." Soros' heavy funding and effective control of movements shifting the U.S. Democratic Party against the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, is exposed in the LaRouche PAC pamphlet Your Enemy, George Soros.

A private investment fund managed by Soros Fund Management LLC, acting as part of a consortium with New York hedge fund Ospraie Management and New York asset manager General Atlantic, has bought substantially all the commodities trading and merchandising business of the giant multi-national ConAgra Foods. This $2.8 billion deal is estimated as the largest acquisition ever by a hedge fund.

The agreement includes 144 ConAgra facilities, located primarily in North America. Renamed Gavilon, the new company provides physical distribution and merchandising of grains, feed ingredients, fertilizer, and energy products; as well as agriculture, energy, and other commodity trading activities, and "risk management services"—i.e., commodity futures derivatives speculation.

Specifically, for example, the ConAgra Trade Group maintains a nationwide logistics network of railcars and containers, and has access to barges, vessels, and storage facilities.

Part of the push for biofuels, the ConAgra operations provide "procurement and marketing services" for ethanol and bio-diesel producers, supply chain infrastructure, as well as financial hedging.

Does Soros want to hang?