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Tremonti: 2009 Can Be the Year of the New Bretton Woods

July 14, 2008 (EIRNS)—"2009 will be the year of the Italian G8 [presidency] and this can be the basis for developing an initiative aimed at remaking Bretton Woods," commented Giulio Tremonti in an interview with Corriere della Sera on July 13. "The causes of the crisis are global, and the impact is local. The solution must be both global and local: the former without the latter is wrong. On the outside front, the Italian government has been committed in the G8 and in Europe to promote acknowledgment of the factors of the global crisis."

In the '90s, "a circus was put in place, made of illuminati and orchestra conductors, of idealist or superficial politicians without ideals, of central bankers and investment bankers. Globalization was invented by the Western elite, but the poorer people in the West and elsewhere are paying the bill. What is now staged is a horror circus with four rings: the financial crisis, the energy crisis, the food crisis, the perfect storm that can come from a new war in the Middle East."