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Paulson to Candidates:
Say Nothing, While I Stampede Congress

Sept. 21 (EIRNS)—U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told Presidential candidates Obama and McCain to hold off presenting their own plans for the financial meltdown, while he briefed Congress that they must enact his own plan immediately.

On CNN's Late Edition today, a Huffington Post correspondent reported that Paulson had asked both Presidential candidates to hold back and propose nothing, while Paulson presented his own plan to Congress. Obama, who was meeting with former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin on Thursday and about to present something, dutifully obeyed Paulson, the correspondent said, while McCain, being the loose cannon that he is, began instead to talk about his own plan for an MFI—a Mortgage Finance Institution.

American economist Lyndon LaRouche has called Paulson's hyperinflationary bailout a treasonous swindle.