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Talk Show Debate in France Admits `Cheminade Was the Only One To Campaign for NBW Ten Years Ago!'

PARIS, Oct. 25, 2008 (Nouvelle Solidarité)—Today, on one of the leading, very popular French Saturday morning talk shows on the national radio "Europe 1," Jacques Cheminade was presented as "the only one, in a monomaniacal way, who was demanding a new Bretton Woods ten years ago."

The name of Lyndon LaRouche's close French associate, Cheminade was brought up during the confrontational talk show on politics, with leading historian and economist Jacques Marseille on one side, opposite maverick, enfant terrible of the French media, Jean-François Kahn, former editor-in-chief of the "sovereignist" weekly Marianne.

While Marseille was babbling that all the talk about a new Bretton Woods was nonsense and out of context, Kahn suddenly reminded people "do you remember this guy Jacques Cheminade, who ran for the Presidency ... who has this terrible reputation of being cultish and whatnot?"

Marseille and the anchorman both responded, "Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes."

Kahn: "Well, let me point out to you that he has been the only one, in a monomaniacal way, to call for a new Bretton Woods for the last ten years! And we have to grant him that."

The reference to Cheminade and the NBW ran at minute 7 on: http://www.europe1.fr:80/popup/reecoute/(idconducteur)/ 89148/(idsequence)/1402.