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IMF Plans a Central Bank-Monitored World Dictatorship

PARIS, Oct. 31, 2008 (Nouvelle Soldarité)—In a lengthy interview in Le Monde datelined today, the International Monetary Fund's Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a new Bretton Woods "skeptic," gave some hints about his proposals for the upcoming November 15, Washington G20 summit. Strauss-Kahn will propose a new plan for "world governance" baptized "Global Regulation Strategy," openly inspired by Gordon Brown's and Ambrose Evans-Pritchards' latest schemes, diabolically called for to "avoid allowing bubbles to destroy the real economy."

The plan desperately aims at saving the dead system by 1) Installing a new lending mechanism to relieve nations from acute liquidity problems; 2) Increasing the IMF's resources to keep doing so—"that is what Gordon Brown is proposing"; 3) Learn the lessons "of those economic policies that have led to these 'bubbles' that are repeated and whose bursting destroys the real economy: that is the mission which was given to us, some days ago, by the 185 members of the IMF; 4) Monitor the application of the new rules elaborated by the IMF using the Financial Stability Forum which is comprised, essentially, of the major central banks; 5) "Help to rethink the world system more coherently, inasmuch as the more simple it is, the more efficient it will be because it will be more coordinated.... Beyond its role as a fireman and a mason, the IMF can also play, for a while, the role of an architect."

Asked if the U.S. would submit to such "regulation," Strauss-Kahn says, "Many things are changing now. To varying degrees, all nations—including the U.S.—recognize that the market only functions if it's organized, and that one cannot expect any good from globalization if its faults are not corrected."

Strauss-Kahn, who was Finance Minister under the waning years of the Mitterrand Presidency, is among the 50 founding members of the Soros-backed European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) headed by Tony Blair's wonderboy Mark Leonard, author of Perpetual Power: Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century. Of course, he doesn't mean the people of Europe, but the British Empire's oligarchy.

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