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You Damn Fools: You Should
Put This Thing in Bankruptcy!

Nov. 25, 2008 (EIRNS)—Wall Street insiders know that last Sunday's $269 billion second bailout of Citigroup was intended to be only the first of a series, which will embrace most or all of the major banks. And that Sunday Citigroup fiasco was followed by Paulson's announcement Tuesday of an $800 billion Federal Reserve program to buy junk paper, making a total of over $1 trillion in new "bailout" commitments over a mere three days, and bringing the total up to about $8.5 trillion so far (over half of GDP), in the U.S. alone!

In this setting, Lyndon LaRouche said today:

Why don't they try bankruptcy? You damn fools; you should put this thing in bankruptcy! You don't have enough money in the universe to pay this bill! So why don't you admit it! They can't do it; they should declare bankruptcy, and just cancel all these damn derivatives. We'll protect the firms that are driven into bankruptcy, in bankruptcy reorganization. We have no other course except to put this thing into bankruptcy.

We're about to launch the greatest hyperinflationary burst in modern history, unless we stop this. We're on the verge of a hyperinflationary explosion; they've been trying to conceal this hyperinflationary thing by various tricks so far. Now it can't work any more! So they've got to put the thing into receivership! Put it into bankruptcy now! There is nothing to do with this thing except put it into bankruptcy. Paulson, stop being a Christian Scientist! Take your medication! Don't be a Christian Scientist all your life; take your medicine!

This is not just the U.S. This is international. As I had warned, this is now going into a hyperinflationary phase. And if you don't want to blow out the world system, you're going to put the damn thing into bankruptcy now! You're going to put the legitimate banks under bankruptcy protection, now! No protection for derivatives, none! But the banks which may be put normally into bankruptcy as a result of that, are put under bankruptcy protection, and the derivatives payments are suspended.

What that does, that's life and death time. If you don't do it, you're going to lose the country! Are you going to do it?— That's the whole point!

Look, you damn fools,— you don't know anything! This is the guy that knows what he's talking about; you damn fools haven't known what you were talking about all along! Now, this is what you're going to do if you've got any brains left! "And Paulson: I don't care if he's a Christian Scientist or not; he's going to take his medicine! Bankruptcy!

Bush may not like it, but that's what you have to do! And, if you don't like the result, mail the bill to Bush! The Bush Administration itself, is going totally with the British line. And don't let this lame duck shit on your economy!

The hyperinflation is being unleashed. It's being unleashed over this Citibank thing, and this is the time to stop the bullshit. The policy must be to put Citibank and other banks under bankruptcy protection of their normal banking functions, which means freezing all claims based on the speculative investments called derivatives. No bailout for derivatives! Freeze them! Put the whole thing into bankruptcy and supply the protection to the regular functions of the banks. Then you don't have to pay out all that money, you damn fools! You don't have to put a nickel more into bailouts! Just put the thing under bankruptcy protection as I've told you all along, you damn fools!

You did it your way, and that was wrong, and now it's a hopeless case! Now you've got to do it my way!