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LaRouche on Afghan Policy:
No Troops; Stop the Drug Trade!

Jan. 22, 2009 (EIRNS)—In answer to a question during LaRouche's Jan. 22 webcast, from His Excellency Syed Ahsani, the former Pakistani ambassador to the United States, on the policy options for the Obama Administration in Afghanistan, LaRouche emphasized the need to dismantle the Afghan drug trade, to eliminate the influence of Saudi Wahhabism, and to withdraw U.S. troops. Unless the drug trafficking is stopped, LaRouche stated then, and in statements over the following days, there is no hope of creating a peaceful solution.

It is estimated that 80% of the opium crop in Afghanistan is grown in areas under foreign control, and no less than 50%, in the British-occupied Helmand province. The question, however, is not the local production as such, but its distribution internationally. "When a farmer in that region of Afghanistan or neighboring regions," LaRouche said, "harvests a crop of opium, the crop may be priced at some hundreds of dollars—$600, $700. When that crop reaches Europe, its price is $6 million, or, the United States similarly, $6 million. Now, the problem is, you go to a very specific gentleman you want to talk about—George Soros.... He's a British agent, and works through the British Foreign Office, the Commonwealth office, with Lord Malloch-Brown. He's the biggest dope-runner in the world."

Turning to another aspect of the problem: "Is this problem of terrorism in Afghanistan a Saudi problem? Yes. Did the Saudis create it? Yes. How was it created by the Saudis? By the Wahhabi cult, when they used that to train people as fighters in Afghanistan against the Soviets." The Wahhabi cult, run by the Saudi kingdom, which is a British agent, created this group of new-formed Arab terrorists, including Osama bin Laden and the Taliban organization, and used them in the drug traffic, directly or indirectly, LaRouche said. A section of these forces is run out of London, under the protection of the Church of England, which declares them under protection as clergymen. This organization is thus part of British intelligence, "which ran the Mumbai terrorist operation recently in the South, and is prepared to run terrorist operations in every part of the world. It's the most mobile repeatable terrorist operation we have on hand."

LaRouche said that deploying troop in Afghanistan is a "diversion."

What you want to do is shut down George Soros! And shut down everything like him. Otherwise, you're not serious. What you're doing with that kind of behavior is saying, 'Let's play a game. We'll pretend we're chasing you, and you pretend you're chasing us, and we'll play the game. And we'll send some soldiers out to get killed in the crossfire.' No! No U.S. troops put into Afghanistan, except to ensure security of the city, the capital city. Dry it out! No drugs leave Afghanistan. Enforce it, and take sanctions against any nation that doesn't enforce it. Why get US soldiers killed? We've lost too many already. We don't need to.