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LaRouche Demands Pelosi Resignation
for Her Role in the Bailout Robbery

Jan. 27, 2009 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche today said Nancy Pelosi should resign as Speaker of the House for pushing throught the bank bailout swindle, "which was nothing less than highway robbery of the American people on behalf of special interests."

"At a moment when our newly inaugurated President, Barack Obama, is enjoying 74 percent support among the American people," LaRouche declared, "our Congress, under the mis-leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has the support of less than 20 percent of the people. This abysmal level of support is well-deserved. The moral authority of Congress is in question, rightfully so, because Nancy Pelosi sold out to the likes of George Soros, the biggest dope pusher in the world, and Felix Rohatyn, to ram through the bailout, which has been a total failure, as I knew it would be from the very beginning."

LaRouche noted his July 25, 2007 statement spelling out the specifics of a bankruptcy reorganization and freeze on foreclosures, which came to be known as his Homeowners and Banks Protection Act (HBPA). "I provided the solution, to get the United States safely out of the very crisis that we are now in. Those allied with Rohatyn and Soros—led by Nancy Pelosi—sabotaged that effort, just as Pelosi earlier sabotaged my proposals for saving what was left of the machine-tool and productive capacity of our auto sector." LaRouche charged Pelosi of a flagrant conflict of interest, because she was working directly with Felix Rohatyn who, at the time, was taking down the auto sector to turn it over to a bunch of hedge fund predators.

However, LaRouche noted, "the greatest crime that Pelosi committed was her role in sabotaging the HBPA and ramming through the bailout, which was highway robbery against the American people. This is one crime that you cannot blame only on former President George W. Bush, or on his Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. The bailout bill would have never passed the House were it not for Pelosi.

LaRouche stated:

We had the solution on the table, as of July 2007. We had the backing of state legislatures and city councils all over the United States. We could have avoided the disaster we are now facing, if the HBPA had been passed in September 2007. But, Pelosi, and others in Congress, like Barney Frank, sabotaged it. Pelosi and company were in bed with a class of special interests, personified by Soros and Rohatyn, and instead of protecting the American people and protecting the legitimate chartered commercial banks, through a bankruptcy reorganization, Pelosi presided over the robbery of trillions of dollars in taxpayers' money.

LaRouche said that Congress now has to right the wrongs they have committed since July 2007. And that includes getting rid of Pelosi, in order to restore the credibility of the Congress with the American people, who she has betrayed. He said we need a new Pecora Commission to investigate the "greatest bank robbery in American history," referring to the bailout. But "No competent Pecora Commission probe can take place, so long as Pelosi is in the leadership of the House."

LaRouche urged all of the state and local elected officials, who mobilized since July 2007, on behalf of the HBPA, to confront the Congress. "The Congress bears the responsibility for sabotaging all of your efforts to win passage of the HBPA, the measure that would have averted the total financial collapse that we are now facing. Almost all of the problems that local and state officials are facing today can be traced to that "Congressional betrayal."

"The only appropriate place to start," he said, "is with the removal of Nancy Pelosi."