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Bloomberg Gives Anti-FDR Shlaes a Platform

Feb. 18, 2009 (EIRNS)—Amity Shlaes, the AEI-backed mouthpiece for fascist attacks on FDR, was given a platform on Bloomberg.com today, to argue that the economic benefits from FDR's New Deal were a "myth". After all, she says, FDR did not revive the stock market [FDR's priority was the population and the productive economy, not the stock market], and, if you don't count the short-term and part-time jobs generated by the WPA, PWA, and so forth, unemployment was still in double digits. Most outrageous, perhaps, was her lie that the private sector was "just about" to electrify the South, when FDR oppressed them with the TVA.

Shlaes is being answered by more than LaRouche publications. The Boston Globe's Scott Lehigh wrote a column today, in which he exposes Shlaes' lies by reporting unemployment numbers from the period Shlaes is basing her claims on. He also reported that it was rightwing pressure for budget cuts that led to the 1938 spike in unemployment.