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Lyndon LaRouche:
The Israeli Leadership Is Suicidally Insane

by Jeffrey Steinberg

March 1, 2009 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche today warned that the present leadership of Israel is displaying clear evidence of suicidal, clinical insanity.

From Lieberman and Netanyahu to the ostensibly more sane leadership of Kadima and Labor," LaRouche observed, "I see nothing but madness. The Gaza invasion was as much a poke in the eye to the incoming U.S. President Barack Obama, as it was a crime against humanity, directed at the elimination of the 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants of Gaza. The fact that the invasion ended, like clockwork, 48 hours before the Obama inauguration, was as clear a message to the incoming U.S. Administration as one could imagine.

Effect-Based Operations Madness

LaRouche elaborated,

The Gaza War was an extension of the Summer 2006 Lebanon War, which was not only an act of insanity on the part of Israel. The Israeli military suffered a defeat in Lebanon in 2006, yet they continued the same insane policy in an accelerated fashion in Gaza. Both of these campaigns were conducted under Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and they both were based on the military doctrine of 'effect-based operations,' the very doctrine that has been rejected by the U.S. military, because it is completely incompetent. The U.S. Army conducted an in-depth study of Israel's failed Summer 2006 war in Lebanon, and detailed the incompetence of the so-called 'effect-based operations' approach to warfare, which abandons all traditional military principles, in favor of wild-eyed behavior modification objectives. The U.S. repudiated 'effect-based operations,' yet the Israeli military illegally employed American weaponry, in carrying out their failed offensive 'effect-based operations,' first in Lebanon, and then in Gaza.

The larger problem is the British, who are manipulating the Israelis, just the same way they manipulated the Germans into World War II, under the London-sponsored Nazi regime. In the German case, the British and the French imposed the Versailles Treaty on Germany. They triggered the 1923 hyperinflationary crisis, but only after British-allied German investors pulled out their money. After the hyperinflationary crisis had passed, the British-led interests came back into Germany, bought up all the available industrial and raw material capacity, for next to nothing, and launched the military buildup for war—years before Hitler took power.

Under the still-operating Sykes-Picot framework," LaRouche explained, "the British are manipulating the Israelis in the same way they manipulated the events leading to World War II. The British are the source of the current mess in Southwest Asia. Wall Street is an extension of the British Empire, and people like Sir George Herbert Walker Bush are British assets and part of the British Empire operations.

LaRouche warned:

The Israeli military policies, in the case of the West Bank in 2002, Lebanon in 2006, and Gaza in 2008 are explicitly modeled on how the Nazis dealt with the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. The policy is being manipulated by the British. The Israelis," LaRouche concluded, "are killing themselves as well as Arabs. They are driven by a mad compulsion that is suicidal for Israel. They are the toys, not the players. They think they are running the games, but through the trap of 'effect-based' military planning, they are destroying themselves. They are running a Warsaw Ghetto uprising policy, based explicitly on the Nazi experience. And this time, they are playing the part of the Nazis.

This policy, if continued, will destroy Israel.

LaRouche addressed the ongoing crisis in Gaza, in the wake of the December 2008-January 2009 Israeli invasion and bombing campaign.

I totally agree with Special Envoy George Mitchell and with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the Gaza crossings must be opened. Keeping the crossings closed is an act of war.

First, Israel bombed and invaded Gaza, and destroyed the entire governing structure of Gaza—government buildings, police stations, schools, hospitals, United Nations aid centers. They destroyed the ability of anyone to properly govern Gaza. And they have maintained the blockade. And they protest when rockets are fired into Israel? They are provoking the rocket attacks, by the continuing act of war, the sealing off of Gaza from the most basic human needs. Israel must open the crossings into Gaza, and they must move their own citizens from the target areas, until a genuine settlement is achieved. The Israelis," LaRouche demanded, "must cut out the Warsaw Ghetto policies. They have never done anyone any good, so they should just stop. Break free from the clutches of Sykes-Picot.

Once More Into the Breach

As if two failures, based on the discredited effect-based operations (EBO) doctrine were not enough, Israel is contemplating yet a third bout of the same insanity, this time, directed against a far more formidable "enemy," Iran!

Trumpeting the Israeli EBO military option against Iran's nuclear research facilities, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the think-tank arm of the official Israeli lobby, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), released a report on March 4, touting the Israeli military option, and reiterating that an Israeli military strike would not aim to destroy Iran's nuclear research capacities, but modify Iranian behavior, and convince Tehran to capitulate to international pressures.

The report was as much a threat against the Obama Administsration, which has said it will open broad diplomacy with Tehran, as it was against the Iranians. The authors and endorsers of the document warned that if Israel concludes that the United States is moving towards normalization with Iran, without 100% guaranteeing the shutdown of Iran's nuclear program, Israel will be compelled, within the next 12-24 months, at the latest, to launch military action against Iran.

The report was endorsed by, among others, Dennis Ross, the recently appointed Persian Gulf advisor to Secretary of State Clinton; Ross also chairs a front organization for the official Israeli government entity, the Jewish Agency.

The idea that Israel, after having clearly demonstrated the insanity and incompetence of effect-based operations in the Lebanon War and, again, in the Gaza invasion, is once again contemplating a third preventive military attack using the same flawed doctrine, is the clearest sign yet that the entire leadership of the Jewish state has gone collectively mad.