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LaRouche Addresses Connecticut University Crowd on `Moving Beyond Colonialism in the Middle East'

May 5, 2009 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche spoke to a capacity crowd of 150-175 people at Central Connecticut State University yesterday at an event hosted by Prof. Norton Mezvinsky. The audience included many faculty members, a former president of the university, students, members of the LaRouche Youth Movement from New England, and LaRouche movement supporters from the area.

LaRouche speech, entitled "The end of Sykes-Picot: Moving Beyond Colonialism in the Middle East," was the concluding lecture in the CCSU Middle East Lecture Series. In his introduction, Professor Mezvinsky highlighted LaRouche's extraordinary qualifications to be part of the series, including his tireless fight for "economic policie that can provide an underpinning to a lasting solution to a crisis that, in some ways, is rooted in the topic of his discussion."

LaRouche's nearly hour-long presentation elaborated, from a broad historical standpoint, his thesis that "it is an error to talk about a Middle East policy." Instead, he said, "we should talk about the Middle East as a conflict, and a conflict that is largely global, especially within the context of nearby European and related civilization." From there, he developed the ancient conflict between cultures, which today takes the form of British-centered financial imperialism pitting peoples of would-be sovereign nation states against each other in senseless killing. He concluded by presenting the unique solution, in the replacement of that imperialism with a new world credit system, based on principles enshrined in the American Constitutional tradition.

LaRouche's full speech will be available in the May 15 EIR.

Videos of LaRouche's opening remarks and of the following question-and-answer session are available at the LaRouche PAC website.