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President Obama Is Being Brainwashed
by Nazi Doctors

May 6, 2009 (EIRNS)—President Barack Obama's recent interview in the New York Times magazine of May 3, demonstrates without a doubt that he is being brainwashed by his crew of behavioral economists, led by Larry Summers, who are peddling Nazi economics against the old and the sick.

In the interview, Times reporter David Leonhardt asks Obama: "Do you think this recession is a big-enough event to make us as a country willing to make some of the sorts of hard choices that we need to make on health care, on taxes in the long term—which will not cover the cost of government—on energy?"

Obama answers, "Well, part of it will depend on leadership. So I've got to make some good arguments out there. And that's what I've been trying to do since I came in, is to say now is the time for use to make some tough, big decisions." His example? Whether it was right to give elderly people with terminal illness, like his grandmother, a hip replacement. Although Obama said he would have covered the cost himself, it is clear that many people could not do so from their own funds.

"That's his brainwasher speaking," LaRouche commented May 3. "This is an ominous day today: the President's advisors have been brainwashing him again."

The lead brainwasher in this case is OMB Director Peter Orszag, who argues aggressively that medical treatment should be subject to "comparative effectiveness research," a system which measures "effectiveness" by how many "Qaultiy Adjusted Life Years" a therapy gives you. Orszag actually says that while some consider it sacrilegious to put a dollar value on life, experts agree that a QALY is worth $100,000.

This is nothing but Nazi economics. EIR will continue to look for any different between these Orszag-Obama policies and those of Adolf Hitler, but so far, there is no difference.

See upcoming EIRs for documentation.