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Summers Has Provoked a Backlash

May 8, 2009 (EIRNS)—Larry Summers' attempt to manipulate President Obama, with his intervention at the Israeli Independence celebration April 29, has provoked a backlash, according to EIR's sources. As indicated by the series of statements by Administration spokesmen at the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, U.S. policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and toward Iran, which has been shaped by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the President, has not been altered, but reaffirmed.

In reviewing this situation May 6, Lyndon LaRouche commented that his own intervention over the weekend, where he identified Summers' intent to effectively neuter, or get rid of, the Clinton input into the Administration on this issue, has been oriented to getting the President to buck Summers' efforts. Summers' intention was to bluff the President into going along with his policy on Israel, LaRouche said. Summers was acting on the assumption that he could brainwash the President. However, Obama did not cave in. What Summers doesn't understand, is that this President may turn on someone whom he perceives as trying to manipulate him.

LaRouche continued: The stated intention of what I have been doing in criticizing President Obama, is to ensure that he breaks free from the brainwashing by Summers. The President must become alert to the fact that he is being used. The only hope, is that Obama comes to his senses, and recognizes that he is being duped and used by these clowns.

LaRouche further noted that Summers' primary personal affinity is as an extreme pro-fascist, right-wing Israeli agent. This profile is documentable from Summers' activities as President of Harvard, where he engaged in vicious witchhunts against professors, many of them Jewish, who criticized the Israeli government.

EIR will be documenting more of this history in upcoming issues.