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LaRouche: A Scary Strategic Assessment

June 6, 2009 (EIRNS)—Today, Lyndon LaRouche issued an breaking strategic assessment, which is summarized here. (The full statement can be found at www.larouchepac.com.)

First, he reported that,

the information from Europe, from experts ... is that what happened with the Air France Flight 447, as far as anyone can tell now ... is that one of two things could have brought down the plane, in a pattern of the type which has been presented to us. Both involve an explosion underneath the cockpit, in the nose of the aircraft. Such an explosion would have neutralized all control of the electronics for the pilot and the plane would have gone out of control....

That is what the best guess of the experts is, and there's no information available which points in any contrary direction....

The problem is now, apparently, that this is a hot potato, and we're in a period in which no government in any part of the world is presently prepared to face reality. And among those who are least prepared to face reality, is the present government of the United States, because we have a lunatic in the cockpit of the U.S. Presidency. And that's the other problem.

Now, the other side of this case is, we're talking about the incompetence of various economists, groups of economists, and the incompetence of governments, to deal with the present world, onrushing general breakdown crisis, of both the present monetary system of the world, but also a breakdown of the physical economic systems of the world, as a by-product of the breakdown of the monetary system.

Now, if something happened, such as Russia pressuring China to break with the dollar, and if China agreed, you would have an immediate breakdown of the functioning of the U.S. Federal and state governments! And, of course, a catastrophe throughout Europe....

Now, let's assume the case, that China ... were to agree, under the strain of U.S. current pressure, and European pressure at the same time, to cancel its relationship to the dollar, ... you would have an instant disintegration of the U.S. government, and the entire system of government.

Now: This comes into the next point. There is no one in a position now, to deal with this problem, unless I'm on deck and directing it. I know how to deal with this problem, as I've specified. None of the current actors, controlling the U.S. financial-economic management policy, is competent. There are competent people in the wings in the U.S. government. But they're not in charge, they're not shaping policy. We have a similar situation, even worse in some respects, in Western and Central Europe. Western and Central Europe is in a process of self-inflicted disintegration, under the present euro system....

If the China break occurs, then the whole world system is going down, and it comes down to who's sitting on top of the policy-shaping under emergency conditions in Washington. And I'm afraid, that without my being in a kind of supercargo position, to steer these guys through what they don't know how to do, I don't think the United States will survive.

So, while people are worried about a lot of things, ... we're the only ones on the scene, with my know-how, who know how to steer, advise and steer leading circles in the United States to deal successfully with this crisis. And of course, the first thing would be, to scrap the whole Obama health-care program: scrap it, entirely! No Hitler policies in the United States!

Then, we must put through the Four Power agreement for a new credit system—under LaRouche's direction.