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Zepp-LaRouche Launches
Chancellor Candidacy in Germany

July 21, 2009 (EIRNS)—The first-ever live webcast that Helga Zepp-LaRouche, national party chairwoman of the BüSo (Civil Rights Solidarity Movement), held in Berlin, on July 21, delivered the first salvos of her "campaign artillery" with which she will run for Chancellor of Germany. The elections are on Sept. 27, and two more webcasts, modelled on the very successful international webcasts that her husband, Lyndon LaRouche, has held from the U.S.A., are to follow in August and September. The Zepp-LaRouche webcast gained attraction far beyond Germany, as was visible from numerous questions coming in from webcast watchers as far away as Turkey, but also from other European countries like Italy, France, Sweden, and Denmark.

The Zepp-LaRouche candidacy is a very particular one, because it is the only one, among all candidacies in these national elections of Germany, that does directly address the character of the present global crisis as a final collapse of the monetarist-imperialist system that has so far dominated (and ruined) world affairs from its banking center in London. Zepp-LaRouche has been the only one among political leaders in Germany that has called for an in-depth restructuring of the banking sector, for the creation of a system of sovereign credit outside the grip of the private banks, like the system which the U.S.A. possesses. She has been the only one openly calling for the development of nuclear power, for the transition of public mass transport to new technologies like the maglev train, and for other aspects of a sound real-industrial development.

And, most important, she has called on the electorate to stop being passive, as elected officials nearly succeeded in giving Germany's sovereignty away to the supranational bureaucracy of the European Commission, with the Lisbon Treaty. She has called on the electorate to turn into citizens that really deserve that name, to stand up and vote out all these unprincipled elected officials, and instead, make sure that the newly elected German national parliament consists of real patriots who are willing to become leaders of their nation.

That is why she is running for Chancellor of Germany, Zepp-LaRouche says in her announcement of her candidacy in her first Berlin webcast. And her three webcasts during the election campaign, will address a political call to arms to the electorate.