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LaRouche Issues Emergency Notice

July 27, 2009 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche issued the following emergency notice to his associates today:

The prospects for all of Eurasia now hang on the probable impact of two reactions of Europe to the present, terminal financial crisis of the virtually doomed U.S. Obama administration: the September 27 general election in Germany and the presently inevitable breakdown-crisis of the U.S.A.'s system during the interval of approximately Oct. 2-12, 2009.

Unless the present U.S. Obama administration is taken over by sane forces within the Administration and Congress prior to September, the oncoming U.S. crisis now scheduled for early October 2009 will actually explode, like a bomb set off by a proximity fuse during the period of the run-up to the Sept. 27 general election—or, in the alternative, even earlier.

By sometime no later than early through middle September, all present operating delusions about their own prospects, among leading Eurasian nations will have been exploded: if the U.S. goes down, the entire world goes down, and the debris of the explosion will be a planet-wide new dark age which no presently existing nation of the world would survive in a recognizable form.

That is the reality of the death-rattles being heard from the immediate vicinity of that walking corpse known as 'Goldman Sucks.' 

LaRouche will be addressing precisely this issue in his August 1 webcast, now entitled "The Fall of the House of Windsor."