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Two Months to the Ides of October

July 27, 2009 (EIRNS)—Two years ago, on July 25, 2007, Lyndon LaRouche warned the world that the financial system was finished, and outlined the immediate measures that could have prevented the disaster which has ensued. On the anniversary of that international webcast, LaRouche warned that we are now headed toward another turning point, after the end of the U.S. fiscal year on Sept. 30, when figures come out and panic sets in.

"We're in a breakdown crisis," LaRouche said, where we have to assume that by the 10th or 15th October, the world is going to shut down. "Nations are going to cease functioning, at least many of them. One of the nations, which is about to cease functioning, in about 60 days from now... is the United States, in every part. We have 48 states, that are not even nominally functioning, as governments.

As things stand now, a little over two months from now, this country's going to shut down. And many other countries will shut down. Some will not. They will be shutting down economically, but they won't shut down in terms of command structure. This country is about to go down in command structure.

Debt is being piled up, while payments are postponed, with the case of California providing a good example of the problem. The crisis will explode in mid-October, because that's when the figures will be exposed. The danger then is that panic will break out, because "every state, every political faction, is going to try to cover at each other's expense. When that panic breaks out, the system goes down."

LaRouche also exposed the Obama Administration's intention to go for an "October Surprise," hoping they would get the health-care policy through. "And then... by getting these two things through, to put in dictatorial measures, like Hitler's... in the October crisis." LaRouche warned against the attempt to start riots in the streets and use troops to set up a dictatorship under conditions of panic and chaos.

That leaves two months' time to organize a policy shift, along the same lines LaRouche proposed in that webcast of July 25, 2007: bankruptcy reorganization and a four-power agreement on an FDR-like international credit policy.