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U.S. Drug Czar Flouts Soros Crowd

July 30, 2009 (EIRNS)—In an operation that has George Soros's international drug legalization apparatus howling, marijuana plants valued at more than $1.26 billion were uprooted and destroyed over the last 10 days in Fresno County, California, and 82 people have been arrested in a broad sweep by law enforcement against marijuana plantations on national park lands, and the traffickers who run the "farms" and sell the dope.

The dope lobby is now calling Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, the former Seattle, Washington/Buffalo, New York/Ft. Meyers, Florida police chief, the "drug dictator," and making efforts to pit him against Attorney General Eric Holder. In reality, the dope lobby has tried to create Administration policy by reporting sentence fragments, and shamelessly spinning these fragments from Holder, into a promise that personal use by "medical marijuana"-designated users would not be prosecuted. The dopers tried desperately to spin this into a promise not to shut down the multi-billion-dollar illegal marijuana plantations. Now, a multi-jurisdictional operation in California, which began in February 2009, has exploded into view.

"Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit," said Kerlikowske, reported the Fresno Bee on July 22. He was talking about the massive anti-marijuana operation known as "Save Our Sierra" (SOS). "Legalization is not in the president's vocabulary, and it's not in mine," he added, according to the Bee, which placed Kerlikowske at a site overlooking a "foothill marijuana farm on U.S. Forest Service land." So far in operation SOS, more than 314,000 plants were uprooted in 70 gardens, and numbers are expected to rise as the enforcement action continues. Agents also seized $41,000 in cash, 26 firearms, and three vehicles. In all of 2008, about 188,000 marijuana plants were seized in Fresno County, so the seizures this week alone far outstrip the previous efforts.

Kerlikowske now heads, with Viktor P. Ivanov, director of Russia's Federal Drug Enforcement Service, the drug trafficking section of the recently created bilateral U.S.-Russia Presidential Commission.

Kerlikowske's offensive is a big blow to Soros's Drug Policy Alliance Network, which began its "first ever" conference for "harm reduction professionals"—i.e., dope dealers who hide behind medical marijuana laws—on July 24, in Los Angeles. Another blow was Kerlikowske's high-profile support for the Mexican government's war against the drug murderers in that nation—in the face of Soros-backed moves to undercut a U.S.-Mexican alliance against the drug pushers.