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LaRouche Endorses Emergency Aid
For States

Aug. 4, 2009 (EIRNS)--In response to a question at his Aug. 1 webcast (watch webcast at laroucepac.com, or read a transcript here), as to how to deal with the increasingly grave social situation caused by the bankruptcy of state governments, in which they proposed an emergency grant of $150 billion be made right away, LaRouche responded:

We'd say this is absolutely an urgent approach, if we're looking at things in reality. It will solve, temporarily, a major crisis, a major bottleneck. And it has to be done immediately. I think we put this under the category of emergency legislation. Because all it requires is an act of Congress, and a demand that it be implemented by the first of September, and put on the agenda. This should be an urgent, high priority.

Because what you have, is, you have a regressive increase in local taxation, which will only aggravate the problem, in all of these states, all these states in the target zone. Since the Federal government created the damn mess, the Federal government ought to contribute something to solve it! The states didn't create this situation—the Federal government did.

But again, this means: We have to put the present system into bankruptcy reorganization, and go back to my proposed legislation, back in 2007, the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act. We have to implement that as national law, immediately. In that context, this legislation, just proposed, here, should be on the list of emergency legislation, in order to prevent chaos in the states.

Look, we have a problem. If we do not do the things I've indicated, you are going to have riots, and riotous conditions throughout the United States. The United States will become ungovernable, and somebody will try to set up a dictatorship. We have to act now. Don't worry about Obama. Just call him "O-bumma." He is on the way out. He's either going to be a captive, under adult supervision in the White House, or he's going to be out. And that's going to be demanded—you will find that, by early September, the desire to have Obama impeached will be unquenchable.