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It's the U.S. Population that Rejects Obama's Nazi Health Policy

Aug. 7, 2009 (EIRNS)—Despite a barrage of propaganda from the Obama Administration claiming that the overwhelming and tumultuous rejection of the President's health-care plan (and economic policy, in general) at town hall meetings around the country, is the work of a small group of right-wing Republican conspirators, the truth cannot be hidden. The American citizens who are pouring out in unprecedented numbers to these local meetings, are motivated by their real hatred of what the Obama Administration is doing to them, and plans to do, on behalf of the financiers. They are independents, Democrats, and Republicans—with nary a Brooks Brothers suit among them, and clearly not under anyone's control.

What is underway is a dramatic political shift, in which the American people are determined to make their voices heard. This shift occurred simultaneous with LaRouche's Aug. 1 webcast, and is also informed by the aggressive campaign which LaRouche PAC has been waging since April, against the increasingly fascist nature of the Obama Administration. Increasingly, LPAC's aggressive exposé of the Nazi T4 program, which is the model for Obama's health "reform," is being picked up by Republicans as well, and, not surprisingly, the plan is being rejected. Anyone over 50, handicapped, or with a chronic illness, is targetted for denial of care, and perhaps death, in the Nazi cost-cutting drive which the Administration is attempting to ram through.

Under these circumstances, the key proponents of the Nazi proposals, and the Congressmen and Senators who have been threatened and pressured by the Obama Administration, are going absolutely hysterical. Why else would Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) say, as he did on Aug. 5, at a press conference on the "progress" of the health-care bill in the Senate:

Our job is to make sure that we're undeterred—undeterred by what we hear at town hall meetings and what we read and what we watch.... It's an easy choice. You go for getting the bill by whatever means you have to, stretching the bipartisanship as far as you can. If that works, fine. If it doesn't, then go on to something else, but you've got to get the bill. You have to have the bill.

In other words, don't listen to the people. Ram it through. This, from the Senator who has taken the lead in proposing to set up a board of "experts" that will decide what treatments will not be paid for, in such a way that it will be insulated from political pressure.

Obama, that London stooge, and his coterie of Nazi advisors are in big trouble, and they know it. They have been virtually ordered to ram the health policy through, as a means of imposing fascist austerity, and they have not even succeeded in getting a unified bill produced in either the House, or the Senate. They are way behind schedule—and headed for a colossal failure.

Where this clash goes, now depends upon the degree of influence which Lyndon LaRouche and his political action committee can gain, fast, and the nerve of those members of the institution of the Presidency, to act to control the President. LaRouche warned in his webcast, that a refusal to get immediate action on his revolutionary reform proposals, could lead to such a chaotic breakdown and crisis by October, that there would be the danger of dictatorship. But there is a clear alternative, LaRouche pointed out—and it had better be taken now.