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A Mass Strike Is Taking Over
the United States

Aug. 12, 2009 (EIRNS)—As of Aug. 7, when citizens across the United States began to come out in unprecedented numbers to town meetings, in order to roast their Congressmen and Senators, the United States clearly entered a period of political mass strike. In declaring this reality in a message to the American people Aug. 10, Lyndon LaRouche said:

We're in a situation where the President of the United States is fleeing from any direct confrontation with the opinions of the people of the United States. The members of the Congress in sight, were largely in the same kind of incompetent posture. In other words, we're in a situation, where the power of government, of self-government, of the United States has been destroyed by the actions of this President, and his dupes in the U.S. Congress.

If this doesn't frighten you, there's something wrong with you. ...

This is a crisis, like that of the French Revolution, in which, in a vacuum, created by the absence of competence from the Executive—only panic and stupidity from the Executive!—and the lack of competence from other elements of goverment, has created a vacuum, which can lead to the most terrible consequences.

In accordance with LaRouche's assessment, LaRouche PAC organizers are now escalating their interventions into the town meetings, in order to provide the necessary leadership: First, to make clear that the citizens are right—the Obama Administration is threatening their lives with its Nazi health plan; and second, to put forward the solutoin—taking back the bailout funds, implementing bankruptcy reorganization, and returning to the Hill-Burton system which made the U.S. health care system the best in the world.

Meanwhile, the ferment is escalating, and there are signs that the British sponsors of Obama are considering a dramatic move to shift the situation. Today, Aug. 12, LaRouche warned that there is a clear and present danger that the British might stage an assassination of the President, in order to further their plan to destroy the United States.