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Obama to Doctors: Either You Support
My Death Bill, Or Take 21% Pay Cut

Oct. 20, 2009 (EIRNS)—The Obama Administration is blackmailing the nation's doctors to support the its so-called health bill. The Obama Administration is threatening doctors that they must support Its health reform bill—in particular, the Independent Medicare Advisory Commission (IMAC) and the bill's penalty on doctors who provide the most care, (which most doctors oppose)—or Congress will impose a 21% cut on Medicare payments to doctors, a cut which will be increased to 40% by 2016. A 1997 law had mandated annual cuts in Madicare payments to doctors, but Congress has always postponed the cuts. Now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is threatening to push that bill through if the doctors refuse to support Obama's murderous bill.

IMAC is the most deadly feature of the Obama health reform bill, since it will deny health care to certain categories of people. The Obama Administration's director of Office of Management and Budget, Peter R. Orszag, sent a letter to Congressional leaders on July 17, outlining the Obama Administration's support for IMAC, to be made up of a group who would be appointed by the President, and who would cut costs by dictating that people would be denied health care if their survival rates are considered by IMAC not to be good,because of their age, for example, precisely as happened in Hitler's Germany.

According to The Hill newspaper today, last week the core group of nazi health bill advocates in the Adminstration and Congress: Reid, Max Baucus, Sen. Chris Dodd, Rahm Emanuel, Peter Orszag, and Nancy-Ann DeParlea, had a meeting with nearly a dozen doctors' groups, with . at which Reid made it clear that he expected the doctors to support the broader healthcare bill, or he would stall the bill which would postpone the doctor's pay cuts, according to several people who attended the meeting, reported The Hill.

Putting more pressure on doctors, Reid also asked that doctors ease up on demands for medical malpractice reform during the upcoming healthcare debate, according to the report.