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Why Get Rid of Rangel? To Pass Obama's Fascist Budget-Slashing Scheme

Oct. 20, 2009 (EIRNS)—Congressional sources report that President Obama and Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) are meeting to discuss a fascist budgetary scheme which would seize the taxation and spending powers which are granted to Congress by the United States Constitution. Sources report that the talks on what is euphemistically called a "special legislative process," are being coupled with the fascist Baucus health care-cutting bill.

Last week, nine Democratic Senators, plus "independent" Sen. Joe Lieberman, sent a letter to Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid calling for adoption of "a special process to deal with our nation's long-term fiscal imbalances," which, they assert, cannot be confronted "under the regular order in Congress."

They refer to legislation introduced in both houses of Congress, known as the Securing America's Fiscal Economy (SAFE) Commission Act; the bills would create a commission to take over Congress's budgetary powers, so as to be able to order massive budget cuts and slashes in Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, and require Congress to adopt or reject their dictates with a simple up-or-down vote.

As with the Nazi Independent Medicare Advisory Commission (IMAC), which its defenders demand must be allowed to kill people without interference from the elected representatives of the people, Lieberman and his cohorts are openly moving to adopt dictatorial budgetary powers in order to implement genocide against the American population.

This is the same scheme which billionaire Peter G. Peterson and former Comptroller of the Currency David Walker tried unsuccessfully to ram through the White House "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" last February.

The Hill reports that more than two dozen senators have now backed the idea of a "special process," including a bill pushed by Sens. Kent Conrad and Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), a similar bill by Lieberman and George Voinovich (R-Ohio), and one by Reps. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.)—all demanding what The Hill calls "politically perilous changes to entitlement programs, particularly Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security."

Although The Hill doesn't identify it as such, the legislation introduced by Voinovich, Lieberman, et al. in the Senate, and by Cooper and Wolf etc. in the House, is the SAFE Commission Act promoted by Peterson; Conrad, Voinovich, Cooper and Wolf all had joined David Walker in a press conference last Feb. 5, calling for the establishment of a bi-partisan commission to "restore fiscal discipline."

The Hill article identifies House Ways & Means Committee chairman Charles Rangel as one of the foremost opponents of this scheme to circumvent "regular order" and the committee structure in the House. Which sheds light on the ferocious targetting of Rangel in a desperate effort to purge him of his committee leadership.