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Three Powers Take Steps Forward

Oct. 20, 2009 (EIRNS)—There is palpable action in India, China, and Russia toward Lyndon LaRouche's perspective on establishing a new, sovereign nation-state-based world economic order. We summarize:

  • On Oct. 19, the Indian Foreign Ministry picked up and circulated LaRouche's speech to its embassies and missions, in its morning briefing paper.

  • On Oct. 13, a large package of bilateral agreements was signed between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and the government of China. Most of the agreements dealt with economic cooperation, and broke new ground in their orientation toward binational infrastructure development, including in energy and transportation. Putin put particular stress on the importance of the agreements to cooperate on nuclear energy development. In contrast to previous deals, which tended to take the form of raw materials for technology, many of these agreements involved "cooperation in high technologies and trade in highly processed products," according to Putin. These were the most important, he said.

The crucial missing partner, of course, is the United States, which, as LaRouche emphasized in his presentation at Rhodes, has serious deficiencies in its Presidency at this time. While the Obama Administration has run into virulent opposition on many fronts, the President has not yet faced the fact that his British sponsors, and their fascist acolytes in his administration, like Larry Summers and Peter Orszag, are leading him and the nation to disaster, and must be removed. The mass strike process will clearly have to accelerate, as it has been, if this point is to be driven home.