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Zepp-LaRouche Webcast:
The Beginning of a New Financial System

Oct. 29, 2009 (EIRNS)—Speaking at her fourth international webcast, from Berlin on Oct. 29, Helga Zepp-LaRouche presented the alternatives before Germany and the world: Either stay with globalization and face a new dark age, or link up with the beginnings of a new financial system, which came on the scene with the recent agreements made between Russia and China for massive infrastructure development.

The core of Zepp-LaRouche's presentation dealt with the contours of the Oct. 13 Russia-China agreements, in the context of the 20 years of work by Lyndon LaRouche and herself, as the "idea-givers" for a new just world economic order. She not only outlined the content of the agreement, but how it could lead to expansion into implementation of the Bering Strait tunnel project, that would connect the two hemispheres.

Zepp-LaRouche also chronicled the 20 years of intensive work that she and her husband had put into building support for the worldwide reconstruction program called the Eurasian Land-Bridge. She showed a series of photographs of diplomatic visits the two LaRouches had made with leading circles in China, Russia, and India, all of which have paved the way for the creation of a Four Power grouping among those three nations and the United States. Only those four nations have the potential power to confront the global financial and commodity cartels which now control the world, she argued—certainly not Europe, which has no sovereign control over its currency or government.

Another highlight of Zepp-LaRouche's presentation dealt with unmasking two of the leading cartels currently controlling the world's food supply—Cargill and Monsanto. Without breaking the stranglehold these companies have over food and farming, she argued, there is no hope for breaking out of the depopulation scenario which Britain's Prince Philip and his allies have set into motion.

EIR will be featuring a transcript of Zepp-LaRouche's webcast in an upcoming issue.