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A Shocking Defeat for Obama

Nov. 6 2009 (EIRNS)—Speaking at a private meeting in Washington, D.C. Nov. 4, Lyndon LaRouche made the following remarks about the election results the day before:

Now, we've had a change in the United States, which is relevant. The change was the election which occurred on Tuesday. This change is a shocking defeat for the present Obama Administration of the United States, and will become apparently so very soon. The figures will be coming out. The Obama health-care program, which I've opposed, as it's genocidal, will be stopped. The cap-and-trade policy, which is opposed by some countries in Asia, in particular, will be stopped. We must go to a basic economic infrastructure. We must rebuild the high-technology skills of people. We must provide employment for high-technology productive skills, and we must, above all, establish a general idea of a principle of negotiation of treaty agreements, long-term treaty agreements, among the nations of the world, and regions of the world....

Now, with the fact that the Obama Administration's present program has been shot down in disgrace, in the Tuesday election, means that the United states is going to be much more receptive to innovations. Because the majority of the American people, probably 80%, are really, in point of fact, opposed to these policies which Obama has represented. We saw that in the demonstrations in August. But those demonstrations in August were continuing, in the minds of the people. But these are ordinary people. It's a phenomenon like what was described by Rosa Luxemburg, for example, as a mass strike. A case where there's a spontaneous reaction, by a people, against oppression.

We saw this, for example, in East Germany, in 1989, especially, in that area, where the mass strike of the people, the spontaneous reaction of people, were saying, 'We are the people, you must listen to us, and care for our concerns.' 

And we're now at a point where that's true around the world. It's true inside the United States. But the people in a mass strike movement, are not violent people. They're not flaming conspiratorial revolutionaries. They're simply people saying, 'We are the people. And you have to pay some attention to our concerns. You have to respond to our concerns, and listen to our concerns, and talk with us about this.'

What happened in the recent election, on Tuesday, the mass strike inside the U.S. population, which had never gone away, since August, suddenly expressed itself in the first election which was available for them, to express their contempt for both the Republican and the Democratic parties. And that's the election result which occurred yesterday.

LaRouche's evaluation is backed up by evidence of the dramatic shift among "independent" voters in both Virginia and New Jersey, away from the incumbent Democratic Party, and toward the opposition, resulting in Republican gubernatorial victories in both states. The results were the most dramatic in New Jersey, a traditional Democratic state, and one where President Obama himself campaigned heavily for the incumbent Democratic governor right up to election time. Evidence, so far, indicates the votes reflected the obvious: intense anxiety and upset over the failure of government on all levels to deal with the economic breakdown crisis which is destroying their lives.

Despite abundant lies that the Virginia and Jersey votes had "nothing to do with Obama," the message has gotten through that the mass strike, spearheaded by opposition to the Administration's murderous health-care program, is alive and well, and that members of Congress—who are being pushed intensively to vote up that atrocity over the next days—will pass the health-care program at their political peril.