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Economists Give Cover
To Obama's Hitler Health Plan

Nov. 19, 2009 (EIRNS)—Today Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) announced that a cloture vote to allow debate to begin on the Obama Health care bill, will take place Saturday, Nov. 21. Yesterday President Obama, pushing for the bill, said he was pleased that "20 leading health economists" had "released a letter urging passage of meaningful reform and praising four key provisions that are in the Senate legislation," one of which, he noted, is "the establishment of an independent Medicare commission."

This new Commission, referred to as the Independent Medicare Advisory Council, by the Obama Administration, is designed to replace the current Medicare Advisory Commission. This proposed institution is the Hitlerian T-4 feature of the bill, which the Administration has insisted upon from the beginning and which is the reason why Lyndon LaRouche has insisted that the Obama policy is Hitler-like. Under this feature, recommendations to cut health care to certain segments of the population, such as the recent call to cut back or deny mammograms to certain age groups of women, could be mandated without Congressional intervention.

Lyndon LaRouche said yesterday, in response to President Obama's praise for the economists' endorsement of his bill, that there are some in the Democratic Party who have the attitude that we should let this Hitler-like policy go through, because if we don't pass it, we won't get to other pressing issues. LaRouche said: We don't care if the government falls, if that means refusing to pass this fascist policy. It is better to have a government which is not fascist. There are some economists who have been suckered into supporting this policy under the assumption that it will clear the way for other things.

This bill should be destroyed, if we have to stop everything else to wipe out this bill, let's do it. IMAC is Hitlers T-4 policy. So if you support that, you are supporting Nazi legislation. Some Democrats, even good ones, have so far refused to recognize, that under no circumstances can someone not be considered a traitor to humanity if he expedites this policy of the President. You cannot be considered a moral human being if you have any idea of compromising with this stupid bastard on this issue. If the government has to be shut down, shut it down. That would be better than passing a fascist bill. Don't compromise with Hitler.

President Obama and his chief health care advisor, Nancy Ann DeParle, are beating the drums about a the letter of support they received Nov. 17 from a group of 23 prominent economists, in support of their Hitler health program. Obama applauded himself Nov. 18, by saying that the bill his Administration has crafted in collaboration with Sen. Max Baucus, meets all four of the economists' stated aims: 1) deficit neutrality; 2) taxing high-cost insurance plans; 3) an independent Medicare commission; and 4) delivery system reforms.

Ms. DeParle, in a conference call with reporters today, further specified that the Medicare commission provision in the Senate bill corresponds to that put forward in Sen. Jay Rockefeller's S.1100.

The Rockefeller bill, first introduced in May 2009, puts forward a carbon copy of the Hitler genocide plan, which began in 1939 with setting up a board of "independent experts" who would decide which patients had lives "unworthy of life." It calls for replacing the current Medicare Advisory Commission, with (as the Senator's official release put it) "an Executive Agency modeled After the Federal Reserve Board." Rockefeller would then "Elevate MedPAC to be an independent, executive branch entity, like the Federal Reserve, with the power to implement recommendations that are more insulated from special interests, and more accountable to the American people." Those recommendations, like the one just made by the HHS-commissioned special taskforce on mammograms, would determine what cuts in medical procedures would be made, in the name of cost-efficiency.

The President himself, along with his pro-genocide associates like OMB Chief Peter Orszag, and Special Health Care advisor to the OMB Ezekiel Emanuel, have repeatedly demanded the same kind of independent commission, called IMAC, which would have the freedom to determine who lives and who dies.

The fascist premises of the economists' letter claims is also demonstrated by their statement that the Senate bill will "help transform the health care system from delivering too much care (!)," and its emphasis on deficit reduction as a key aim—even as this Administration continues to pay out trillions of dollars to support the predators in the financial sector.

The signers on the economists' letter are: Dr. Henry Aaron, Dr. Kenneth Arrow, Dr. Alan Auerbach, Dr. Katherine Baicker, Dr. Alan blinder, Dr. David Cutler, Dr. Angus Deaton, Dr. J. Bradford DeLong, Dr. Peter Diamond, Dr. Victor Fuchs, Dr. Alan Garber, Dr. Jonathan Gruber, Dr. Mark McClellan, Dr. Daniel McFadden, Dr. David Meltzer, Dr. Joseph Newhouse, Dr. Uwe Reinhardt, Dr. Robert Reischauer, Dr. Alice Rivlin, Dr. Meredith Rosenthal, Dr. John Shoven, Dr. Jonathan Skinner, and Dr. Laura Tyson.