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LaRouche's Dec. 3 Webcast:
The Real Changes Are Coming

Dec. 3, 2009 (EIRNS)—In his hour-and-a-half opening statement to his webcast today, U.S. economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche developed in depth his thesis that the time for a real change in American, and world policy has arrived. We have the potential ingredients here in the United States to do what is necessary, LaRouche said: to recreate a productive economy and high-technology industry, to repair what has been destroyed, to free ourselves from food slavery by breaking the cartels, and to reimpose Constitutional control over our financial system, so that we can fulfill our historic mission of joining with Russia, China, and India in breaking the power of the British monetarist Empire.

To do this, LaRouche said, we will have to "purify" the government, particularly the Executive branch, and strengthen it in the historical mission of our nation. This can be done, either with President Obama agreeing to do what he's told, or by his resignation, but such a sudden change is required, and can be made under conditions of the crisis of global breakdown we are now experiencing. But it will require that those in a position to act show the guts to do what's necessary, and soon.

LaRouche's full presentation provided the necessary backup for this conclusion. He repeatedly developed the history, and prehistory, of the development of the United States as a republic, which has made the U.S. the only possible rallying point to save this world from hell. He outlined his Four Power proposal for a combination that has the clout to make the necessary economic changes, and explained how the revival of national sovereign cultures, and an international mission, such as the colonization of Mars, will work together to uplift the world's population, and get nations to cooperate.

My proposals, LaRouche said, will reawaken the qualities which lie at the core of the U.S. national culture, and direct the United States to take up a Pacific orientation in which it joins with the great Pacific nations of Russia, China, and India. At the same time, he said, the U.S. must launch a variant of President Franklin Roosvelt's Civilian Conservation Corps, in order to educate and inspire the unqualified youth generation to carry out the Great Projects mankind needs. These projects include building a high-speed rail system that spans the globe, and international cooperation, to be realized over several generations, to go to Mars.

Audio and video of Mr. LaRouche's webcast is archived in full at www.larouchepac.com. A transcript will appear soon.