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Obama Follows WWF Orders
On Climate Agenda

Dec. 7, 2009 (EIRNS)--President Obama has once again shown his character as a British agent, by following the instructions given by Prince Philip's World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on Nov. 24, when the Fund came out saying that Obama should arrange his trip to Copenhagen in order to guarantee the greatest chances for a binding agreement. Originally, the President was simply going to stop by Copenhagen on Nov. 9, after receiving his Nobel Prize; on Dec. 4, he announced he would attend on Dec. 18, when the Summit is scheduled to come to its conclusion. The WWF was ecstatic.

While Obama's visit does not at all guarantee that the WWF genocidalists will succeed in getting an international treaty, the President is moving ahead unilaterally with his own genocidal agenda. On Dec. 7, his Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson issued a scientifically absurd declaration that carbon dioxide, vital for plant and human respiration, is a dangerous "pollutant."

Obama's move is a blatant attempt at pressuring the Senate to pass anti-carbon emissions legislation, as demanded by Philip's depopulation lobby, which wants to reduce the world's population from near 7 billion, to 2, or less. Obama's action is so directly opposed to the general welfare, and to life itself, that it is plainly unconstitutional, directly violating the Constitution's Preamble. Lyndon LaRouche commented that Congress should defend the Constitution, and humanity, by defunding the EPA, before it can attempt to carry out its regulatory ban against carbon dioxide.