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Who Inserted the British Climate Change Hoax
Into U.S. National Strategy?

Dec. 10, 2009 (EIRNS)—The imposition of the genocidal British climate change hoax within American institutions has reached a very dangerous phase. When President Obama referred in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to the views of U.S. military leaders on climate change allegedly threatening national security, he was referencing an evil current, of the sort, if not identical to, that adopted by the U.S. State Department with NSSM 200, and Global 2000. Initial investigation has turned up the following:

  • 2006: The CNA Corporation, a non-profit research institution which was founded in 1942 and runs the Center for Naval Analyses and the Institute for Public Research, convened a Military Advisory Board to study the national security implications of climate change.

  • 2007: The Board, which comprised 11 retired 3- and 4- star generals, issued their report in April 2007, which argued that climate change threatens America's national security, by creating instability and tensions, and therefore its consideration should be integrated into U.S. strategy.

  • 2007: In March, Dick Durbin and Chuck Hagel introduced the Global Climate Change Security Oversight Act, which mandated the intelligence community to make a National Intelligence Estimate on the basis of the (British-rigged) IPCC projections. It passed with bipartisan support.

  • June 2008: The NIE was issued, with Thomas Fingar, the head of the National Intelligence Council presenting. It is apparently classified, and we are looking for an unclassified version.

  • Sept. 25, 2009: The CIA launches a Center on Climate Change and National Security.