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Lord Monckton Warns the Queen

Dec. 11, 2009 (EIRNS)—Lord Christopher Monckton, the British scientist who has taken the point against the Global Warming fraud, showed just how serious he is in opposing this move for global dictatorship in the name of fighting climate change, in an interchange in Berlin, Germany on Dec. 4. Monckton was asked by EIR's Stefan Ossenkopp: "The Queen gathered 53 heads of state in Trinidad recently and made the strong point that the British Commonwealth should gain a global perspective through the Copenhagen Conference. What is this all about?"

Monckton answered:

This is the first time that her Majesty has spoken out of turn and against her constitutional requirement not to intervene into politics since she took the throne. This is a very sad day. I am a very loyal subject to her Majesty. She should not have said what she said. Of course one cannot ask her to withdraw it now that it has been said, but what one can ask is that she had better not ever say anything of that character again in one direction or another. That is not her place as a constitutional monarch. And she must remember that, or she will lose our loyalty, and then she will lose the throne.

Monckton's is no idle threat, coming from this source: It was Lord Monckton's grandfather who arranged the 1936 abdication of the Queen's uncle, Edward VIII.

Meanwhile, Monckton, who is attending the Copenhagen conference, is issuing warnings to all who will listen about the danger of a global dictatorship being implemented out of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. As Helga Zepp-LaRouche cited him in a leaflet being circulated at that conference:

The Copenhagen Treaty says that it is going to establish a world government. This has been an ambition of certain bureaucrats, certain political groupings, fascists, freemasons, marxists, for hundreds of years. All these different groups, all at once, or one after another, wanted to achieve world domination. Previously, it was thought it might happen by force, by military force. Now they found a way of doing it by what one might call a bureaucratic coup d'état in the name of saving the planet, which doesn't need to be saved. There is no threat to the climate. They have decided that they can persuade even the free nations of the West to give up their democracy, give up their freedom, and transfer all ultimate economic as well as environmental power to an unelected world government.

Monckton speaks for a group of scientists, and British elitists, who understand not only that the anthropogenic global warming thesis is a fraud, but that it will lead to global genocide and dictatorship. To fight such a horror, he is willing to challenge his Queen. The question is whether Americans will be willing to challenge their President.