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Who Stripped Berlusconi's Security?

Dec. 14, 2009 (EIRNS)—Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was severely injured on Dec. 13, in an attack by an individual who, at close range, threw a heavy metal statuette in his face. The Prime Minister, who was greeting a crowd after a political rally in Milan, suffered a broken nose, broken teeth, and other injuries to his face, and was immediately hospitalized.

The perpetrator, Massimo Tartaglia, is a deranged individual with a ten-year history of psychiatric problems. Tartaglia is also an unpaid activist of the WWF, the genocidal "environmentalist" hitmen created by Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Britain's Prince Philip. In fact, Tartaglia had participated in a WWF chapter meeting the evening before the attack, his father told journalists.

Lyndon LaRouche immediately demanded: "Who pulled Berlusconi's security? A Prime Minister of a major nation, and he does not have the security to protect him from a known threat?... My personal question on this is, where was the Prime Minister's security on this incident? Was his security withdrawn in order to set him up? It sounds like a dirty trick by somebody. I'm not an admirer of Berlusconi, but after all, he is a Prime Minister. And you don't subject a Prime Minister to a withdrawal of security, in present times, unless you are a dirty guy behind the scenes. Did some British influence set up Berlusconi to be hit by this guy, a known freak?"

Furthermore, LaRouche explained, they are attacking the Pope and the Papacy. "Obviously, since Berlusconi is an Italian Prime Minister, an attack like this on him sounds like a British attack on the Papacy," LaRouche noted.

LaRouche added that this is directly related to the threats and blackmail that the British and the Nazi WWF are deploying at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, to try to impose their depopulation policies globally, and national sovereignty be damned. It's meant as a message to anyone who tries to buck their policies.