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Lord Monckton Charges Eco-Dictatorship

Dec. 14, 2009 (EIRNS)—Lord Christopher Monckton is one of the few people who have read the draft agreement of the Copenhagen Conference, and he said at a conference on the East Anglia Climategate in Berlin on Dec. 4 that what the representatives of 192 countries are supposed to sign would set up an unelected world regime, that would have more power than any country in the world.

He was only able to get a copy of the ultra-secret draft Treaty, after threatening to create a major diplomatic incident, if they continued to refuse. There will be, in effect, he said, a world government that could raise taxes in the United States and in other countries. It could abolish patent rights, and decide on economic and environmental policies. Although the word "government" is not used, the process of centralization of power into global hands comes down to the same. In a private discussion, he came back to the point that when Sir Maurice Strong first created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in the UN, "he created it not as a scientific body, but as a political entity. He said at the time that he hoped that this would become the nucleus of a world government."

The model for such a world government might just be the European Union, Lord Monckton suggested, where national sovereignty has been abolished. "There is a European parliament," he said, "but it cannot propose legislation. If it decides something, it can be overruled by the commissars. If it wishes to amend legislation, only the commissars, who are unelected, can give it permission."

On the sidelines of a Berlin climate conference, a journalist from EIR asked Monckton about the effects of environmentalism in the poor regions of the world. He replied that those countries must "allow themselves to industrialize. They must no longer be cowed and bullied by the UN and by the IPCC and by these bogus scientists with their bogus theories. They must say, 'No we do not need to worry about saving the planet anymore. Those days are over. Therefore if want to build fossil fueled power stations, we will do it for the sake of lifting our people out of poverty.' That is the line which is being taken by China, South Africa, Brazil and India.... They should no longer be bullied by the west."

On other occasions, Monckton has blasted the use of farmland to grow biofuels at the expense of agriculture, and denounced the issue of population reduction which is at the core of the climate change theory.