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British Empire's Genocide Agenda
in Trouble

Dec. 17, 2009 (EIRNS)—While there are no guarantees, especially as the pressure is increased up until the conclusion of the Copenhagen Climate (Genocide) summit, there is still a good chance that the Summit may fail. Should there be a failure, there will be immediate positive consequences internationally—ranging from the public humiliation of the British Monarchy, to a devastating political blow against the already reeling Barack Obama.

If Copenhagen fails, President Obama (with his present disastrous policies) will be politically finished, said Lyndon LaRouche on Dec. 16. The way will be open, within the United States, for an acceleration of the mass strike dynamic, toward the point of implementing the only program which can save the United States, and the world, from destruction—the LaRouche Plan.

No one should have been able to miss the high-profile British signature on the genocide agenda which is on the table at the Copenhagen Climate summit. Back in November (2009), Prince Philip, the WWF leader who avows his desire to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to help solve the "population problem," pulled together 200 religious leaders, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, at Windsor Castle, under the auspices of his Alliance of Religions and Conservation, to prepare the way for Copenhagen. At the end of November, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attended the 60th anniversary meeting of the British Commonwealth, where she declared that her subjects must mobilize to determine a positive outcome of Copenhagen (meaning the imposition of murderous cuts in industrialization). Then Prince Charles, who follows directly in his father's genocidal footsteps, was given the keynote position at the summit on Dec. 15, where he argued that humanity only have 7 years to reverse the "systemic, unsustainable consumption of natural resources," by going back to primitive methods.

Despite all this pressure, however, the British have not been able to convince the world's leading nations—who happen to be the nations that comprise LaRouche's Four Power alliance—to give up their sovereignty to the de facto world government arrangement which they are seeking to reduce carbon emissions. Most steadfast have been China and India, who are refusing to submit to international inspection. Russia is a slightly different case, since it has already dramatically reduced its emissions due to IMF-supervised de-industrialization, but President Medvedev has expressed skepticism about the political hysteria surrounding the rush to an agreement. And the United States? Despite the fact that the Obama Administration is applying excruciating pressure for a British-style climate treaty, the U.S. has never endorsed binding standards under Kyoto, and is nowhere near passing a regimen for cutting emissions through the Senate.

The British determination, of course, cannot be underestimated. As Obama's close friend Tony Blair said Dec. 14, the important thing is to adopt the directionality of the Copenhagen agreement, and the British are doing everything possible to enforce that.

As for those who are committed to a human future, the objective is for Copenhagen to collapse and fail. Such a victory is crucial for all mankind.