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LaRouche Declares Victory
in Wake of Copenhagen

Dec. 19, 2009 (EIRNS)—"This is our Christmas present to the American people," said Lyndon LaRouche today, in reviewing the changed strategic situation following President Obama's humiliation in Copenhagen:

We have won the war we began in April 2009, and the President is now politically finished. We now have to act immediately to put an emergency program in place, that will address the deepening economic and political disaster. We have no time to waste.

LaRouche's remarks are available in audio, and by transcript, on the LaRouche Political Action Committee website, and his program of action will be spelled out, with constant updates, over the next several days. The major elements of that program are:

  • Emergency restoration of Glass-Steagall standards, in the context of bankruptcy reorganization measures, which will wipe out trillions of dollars in phony debt.

  • Immediately cancel the Hitler health care reform, and return to the Hill-Burton approach instead.

  • Cancel any moves toward Cap and Trade.

  • Establish a new Civilian Conservation Corps, for training youth in the skills and discipline required for productive work (not just "jobs").

  • Launch a massive recovery program based primarily on major infrastructure projects in high-speed rail, nuclear power, and water systems.

  • Have the U.S. approach Russia, China, and India to negotiate terms for an international recovery program, based on national sovereignty and fixed exchange rates.