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Intensify Obama Security Screen,
Says LaRouche

Dec. 22, 2009 (EIRNS)—With U.S. President Obama reduced to banging on doors to meet with the Chinese at Copenhagen, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche assessed that he is now seen as a total failure by his British controllers, making him expendable to them. For that reason, LaRouche called for Obama's security screen to be intensified, for the very worst thing now would be the assassination of the President. This is very real danger, LaRouche said, citing the lifting of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi's security screen for an attack.

In Copenhagen, Obama failed to push through genocidal measures under the prextext of climate change, at a time when his authority and popularity at home are crashing. His deadly healthcare bill is now stuck. If the Senate passes any legislation, it must be reconciled with a House version after the New Year. Obama has pressed Congress so hard for a British eugenics-modelled bill, that the Wall Street Journal commented on Dec. 18, that "the Democratic Party is turning into a suicide pact." This week's NBC/Wall St. Journal poll shows only 32% of Americans think Obamacare is a "good" idea. According to the Washington Post, only 35% of Independent voters support it—a drop of 10 points in one month.

The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, penned an op ed in the Washington Post of Dec. 17, in which he said that were he a Senator, "I would not vote for the current health care bill. Any measure that expands private insurers' monopoly over health care and transfers millions of taxpayer dollars to private corporations is not real health care.... I reluctantly conclude that, as it stands, this bill would do more harm than good to the future of America."

Leading Democrats who have fought for Obama's program are being declared political dead meat. In North Dakota, for example, a recent Zogby poll showed only 28% of state voters support Obamacare, and a full 40% said that they would be less likely to vote for otherwise popular incumbent Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan in 2010 if he supports it. In Arkansas, where incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln faces a tough election in 2010, only 32% of voters support the White House healthcare policy.These are Senators whose votes Obama must have.

In addition, over the week before Christmas, four long-term moderate Democrats looked at the polls, and decided to retire. As of now, between 40-65% of African-Americans do not intend to vote in 2010, according to polls. The Congressional Black Caucus is furious with the President, as his "jobs" bill does not address the fact that the real unemployment rate in the African-American dominated inner cities is up to 49%.

As to "climate change," the Rasmussen poll showed that only 34% of Americans believe that man has an effect on climate change, while 50% think the change is caused by long-term planetary factors, with no human role in it.