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Three New LaRouche PAC Videos
To Spur Mobilization

Dec. 26, 2009 (EIRNS)—The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) has celebrated the Christmas season, by releasing three new videos devoted to educating the nation's true political leadership, as to how to put through an emergency program for national economic recovery.

  • Released on Dec. 23 was "The LaRouche Plan for Economic Recovery, Now!," a 9-minute video presentation of the major elements of LaRouche's recovery program, and why it must be put into effect on an emergency basis within the next weeks.

  • Released on Dec. 24 were two additional videos, the first, a 7-minute editorial statement outlining the precise sequence of actions required; and second, a 37-minute piece entitled "The American Spirit of the Blue Collar Worker," which uses the history of the United States to demonstrate the unique American cultural foundation which will permit the nation's "forgotten men and women" to respond to the call to emergency economic measures.

he "American Spirit" video begins and ends with Franklin Roosevelt's 1932 campaign statement expressing his commitment to serve the "forgotten man."

Among the most evocative sections of the latter piece, is the following quote from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's third inaugural address:

A nation, like a person, has something deeper, something more permanent, something larger than the sum of all its parts. It is that something which matters most to its future, which calls forth the most sacred guarding of its prsent.

It is a thing for which we find it difficult—even impossible—to hit upon a single, simple word.

And yet, we all understand what it is: the spirit, the faith of America. It is the product of centuries. It was born in the multitudes of those who came from many lands, some of high degree, but mostly plain people—who sought here, early and late, to find freedom more freely....

If you and I in this later day lose that sacred fire—if we let it be smothered with doubt and fear—then we shall reject the destiny which Washington strove so valiantly and so triumphantly to establish. The preservation of the spirit and faith of the nation does, and will furnish the highest justification for every sacrifice that we may make in the cause of national defense.

In the face of great perils never before encountered, our strong purpose is to protect and to perpetuate the integrity of democracy.

For this we muster the spirit of America, and the faith of America.

We do not retreat. We are not content to stand still. As Americans, we go forward, in the service of our country, by the will of God.