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Only Four Powers Cooperation
Can Avoid Middle East Trigger
For World War III

Dec. 29, 2009 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

There is a growing, imminent danger that Israel, under British pressure, will launch a preemptive attack against Iran, ostensibly to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Were such an attack to occur, Lyndon LaRouche warned today, it would be a virtual trigger for World War III, particularly if Israel resorted to the use of nuclear weapons in the attack. LaRouche assessed that the prospect of such an Israeli attack has greatly increased, as the result of growing desperation in London, due to the British Monarchy's abject failure to impose their policy of global depopulation at the recently-concluded Copenhagen conference on global warming.

Inside Iran, sources closely tracking events there warn, an Israel attack would provide the most radical factions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) with the pretext to carry out a "Night of the Long-Knives" extermination of the leadership of the opposition. The assassination on Dec. 27 of Ali Mousavi, the nephew of former Presidential candidate and Speaker of the Parliament Hussein Mousavi, was a premeditated operation, carried out by IRGC-controlled assassination teams from the Basij militia, and was indicative of a larger planned operation, by rightwing factions of the IRGC/BAsij, if the opportunity is presented.

Lyndon LaRouche observed that the threat of Israeli nuclear strikes against Iran is a factor driving Iran to seek its own nuclear deterrent. "It is all part of the continuing Sykes-Picot trap that hangs over the entire Southwest Asia region," LaRouche warned.

In the Interests of All

LaRouche emphasized that it is in the interests of the United States, Russia, China, India, and all the neighboring states, that the threat of an Israeli attack be removed. Iran, LaRouche emphasized, has every right to nuclear power, including to its own enrichment capability. But Iran should not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. The best and only outcome, LaRouche emphasized, is for the Four Powers—the United States, Russia, China and India—to coordinate a diplomatic effort to secure an agreement with Iran to export their low-enriched uranium, in exchange for higher-enriched uranium rods, needed for their medical isotope reactor. Such an agreement, which is in the vital interests of everyone—except the British—must be rammed through now, LaRouche declared. The alternatives, including a possible Israeli strike against Iran, triggering permanent chaos throughout Eurasia, are unthinkable.

LaRouche continued:

We are facing an immediate threat of war, possibly nuclear war. Only a Four Powers concerted effort can prevent this. There is a nuclear threat against Iran coming from Israel. Israel is acting as a Sykes-Picot puppet of London, and the Iranians know this. But we cannot allow this British-manipulated situation to continue. It would mean the destruction of India, the destruction of Pakistan, and chaos throughout the extended region, were the Israelis to be allowed to carry out an attack. We must prevent such an Israeli action, and we must prevent the present Iranian government from obtaining nuclear weapons. That can only be accomplished by a concerted effort by the Four Powers. Nothing short of that will trump the British game.

LaRouche addressed the Israeli situation:

If Israel is willing to go to war, under the direction of the British Monarchy, then they are placing themselves in the same British camp as Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, who were sponsored by London to launch their 1939 war against Poland. At the same time that Hitler was launching his war on Poland, on the same kind of pretext that some in Israel are now using to justify an attack on Iran, the Nazi dictator was also launching a so-called health care reform, called T-4, which was the original euthanasia program, that led to the Holocaust. Does anyone in Israel really wish to be in that camp? It is not irrelevant to this situation that the same Nazi T-4 healthcare 'reform' adopted by Hitler at the start of the invasion of Poland, was imposed on Great Britain by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair—and is now being pushed on the United States, through the Obama Administration. Tony Blair, who has the mysterious backing of factions within the Vatican, is agressively pushing this policy down the throat of the Obama White House, with the enthusiastic backing of such White House figures as Rahm Emanuel and the London School of Economics' Peter Orszag.

LaRouche concluded:

Iran is a sovereign nation-state, and the Iranian people deserve the opportunity to sort out their situation, without the kind of threat of attack, currently coming from London via Israel. We must remove this factor from the political equation, through the only means available: A concerted intervention by the Four Powers, to secure an agreement from Iran on the nuclear fuel issue, that also guarantees that they will not be subject to a London-ordered attack from Israel. The alternative—a perpetual war in the heartland of Eurasia—is totally unacceptable, no matter how much the hysterics in the British Monarchy wish it to happen.