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Exposed: Harry Reid Responsible
For Unconstitutional, Fascist
`Perpetuity' Clause in Senate Health Bill

Dec. 29, 2009 (EIRNS)—EIR investigators have reviewed the history of the evolution of the current Nazi Senate Health Care bill, and determined that none other than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is responsible for inserting the unconstitutional, fascist clause which seeks to forbid any future Congress from changing the provisions relating to Obama's T-4 Board, known in the bill as the Independent Medicare Advisory Board (IMAB). The clause states that "it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, or amendment," to change the recommendations of IMAB, or to repeal it.

The clause is identical to clauses the British inserted into the Lisbon Treaty for Europe, in an effort to destroy the sovereignty of all the European nations in perpetuity.

The dictatorial IMAB, for its part, is explicitly given the charge to reduce Medicare spending—a prescription which it intends to carry out by rulings which will deny funding for medical care, ranging from diagnostic testing, to long-term nursing care, to hospital readmissions. The implementation of such a policy is nothing less than Hitler-style genocide.

Lyndon LaRouche has called for Reid to immediately resign, or be removed from office by impeachment or recall. "That's fascism," LaRouche said. "If Harry Reid revives this kind of legislation, he's committing a crime against humanity, and should be indicted for that reason alone. He should submit himself immediately for prosecution at a Nuremberg court, for planning Hitler-like crimes against humanity."

Meticulous review of the Congressional record reveals that the "in perpetuity" provision was not in the Baucus bill, as submitted to the Senate on Oct. 19, but appeared in the merged Baucus-Dodd bill, as presented by Majority Leader Reid, on November 19. This means that it was inserted into the bill through closed-door sessions in Reid's office during that time-frame.

EIR is actively pursuing further intelligence on who participated in those discussions—but it is clear that they occurred with constant cooperation of leading proponents of the Hitler health plan in the White House, including Rahm Emanuel and OMB head Peter Orszag. We are also investigating whether there was involvement of the close British advisors on health care in these meetings.

Regardless of whether the British were on the scene or not, however, there is no doubt that this crime was committed under the influence of the British Crown, which is using its puppets in the United States to try to destroy our nation. "This is British subversion of the U.S. Constitution," LaRouche stated, and anyone who joins them is joining the British enemy which is at war with the United States.

Further information is available on www.larouchepac.com.