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London Tries To Change
The Agenda—to Terror

Jan. 4, 2010 (EIRNS)—A pattern of British provocations of asymmetric warfare has emerged around the globe, particularly in the aftermath of the British Monarchy's failure at the December Copenhagen Climate Conference. At the Commonwealth meeting in Trinidad & Tobago, Queen Elizabeth II overstepped her authority to declare, on behalf of the British Monarchy, "We are in charge." But just weeks later, the British failed in their attempt to use the Copenhagen summit as a death blow to the system of sovereign nation-states. Since that failure, a new "strategy of tension" has been launched, beginning with the physical assault against Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and then against Pope Benedict XVI. Senior U.S. intelligence sources warned that these two attacks signal a major British destabilization, targeting all of continental Europe. When London goes to war against continental Europe, a source elaborated, they always start with Italy, which is historically the weak link, particularly since the end of World War II.

Beyond Europe, the stage is being set for an Israeli strike against Iran, that would send all of Eurasia into chaos—especially if Israel resorts to the use of nuclear weapons, ostensibly to wipe out Iran's nuclear bomb program. And there has been an escalation of irregular warfare, coming from an alphabet soup of Anglo-Saudi sponsored "jihadi" groups.

British-engineered asymmetric warfare is being extended into the Western Hemisphere with dupes, such as Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro lining up against the United States, and feeding a narco-insurgency across the Atlantic into western Africa, where cocaine smuggling is financing the buildup of so-called "Al Qaeda in the Maghreb" operations.

Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized that this offensive should be seen as a desperate move by London to "change the subject"—from the Empire's defeat at Copenhagen and the growing momentum for a new Four Powers agreement, to an escalation of global warfare and police state measures. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of the man called the "underwear bomber," the young Nigerian man who failed to detonate his bomb on Christmas Day on an airplane from Amsterdam to Detroit. This operation was so botched as to be easily identifiable as a probe, not a serious attack, and thus intended to test the U.S.'s defenses, and manipulate public opinion.

So far, Washington seems to be falling for the trap, including by concentrating on Yemen, rather than London, where the young man was clearly recruited. Has no one learned anything from the quagmire of Afghanistan? Asymmetric warfare cannot be stopped by connecting the dots, or bombing poor countries: you need a top-down approach that nails London (and the Saudis) as the breeding ground for terrorists and the overall enemy.